Puppy Teething Toys Dog Chew Toys for Gentle Chewers Promotes Dental Health Reduces Teething Discomfort Boredom Freshen…

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Fresh Breath – Aqua Bone series is designed to keep your dog’s teeth clean while playing. Soft spikes and smooth grooves on the toy helps to clean teeth and massage gum when chewed. Infused mint or vanilla flavor brings fresh breath and it works even better by applying delicious pet toothpaste on the groove of Aqua Bone
Safe and Non-Toxic – Dual-color combination is made with 2 types of hardness PU durable and safe materials. Varying hardness provides extra satisfaction while chewing. The added flexibility allows closer oral proximity to prevent plague and tartar. Our Aqua Bones pet toys series are not edible. Supervise closely and discard/replace when appropriate. To clean them simply rinse with water or place in dishwasher
Reduce Unwanted Behaviors – Chewing on toys helps your dog to release excessive energy, relieves stress, and reduces boredom that often lead to unwanted pet behaviors. Aqua Bone is designed to keep your dog engaged in playing and cleans teeth at the same time! Not recommended for extremely strong chewers